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Evolve how you communicate with the grid, and how it responds to you.

Converge your communication systems into a single IP/MPLS smart grid network that is intelligent, responsive, and adaptive.

Intelligent: Empower your grid with secure communications. Our smart grid supports all types of devices and operational services on one converged network. And it efficiently prioritizes the data flow for each based on its importance, to guarantee that critical traffic gets where it needs to go when it needs to get there.

Responsive: Respond to events in real time. Our unified IP/MPLS network reconfigures itself so information gets where it needs to go, securely and reliably. And our solution balances the load so your network performance is optimized. You can monitor and control events, and deploy your field workforce as circumstances change.

Adaptive: Migrate to an intelligent, responsive IP/MPLS network on your own terms. Leverage your existing investments and lay the foundation for future applications – and be prepared to transition to the IEC 61850 standard when you are ready.

See how our power utilities solutions can help you create an intelligent, responsive, and adaptive communications network. 

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