Your financial services organization has to function as an agile, integrated whole, no matter how large or distributed it may be. 

Our large enterprise IT solutions can help.

Dice Communications offers state-of-the-art networking and communications for financial services.
Connect branches and data centers securely and seamlessly. Develop and launch new apps and services at lightning speed. Put best-of-breed communications and collaboration tools in your employees’ and customers’ hands. And do all of this while meeting strict regulatory and privacy requirements and keeping costs under control.

With our solutions, you can:

  • Support explosive digital growth
  • Rapidly develop and deploy applications
  • Quickly adapt and transform the user experience through web and mobile applications
  • Build multilayer security with flexible reporting
  • Choose the technologies and price points you need, regardless of vendor
  • Quickly modernize data centers and connect branch offices
  • Transform compliance verification to a routine reporting option
  • Implement scalable, high-performance global service

Banking operations are becoming increasingly global and complex. Financial institutions must maintain a competitive advantage by providing excellent customer service, reducing costs, complying with regulations and securing critical information.

Dice Communications delivers always-on, standards-based solutions that connect networks, people, processes and knowledge to help financial institutions meet these challenges head on.

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Increase customer satisfaction: Customers expect outstanding service across every point of contact. Exceed their expectations with self-service options, innovative contact centers and remote access to banking resources.

Ensure compliance: Increased regulatory scrutiny demands that necessary controls are in place. Integrate sound governance practices to meet contractual obligations and regulatory requirements.

Improve security: Protecting information in use and at rest is critical. Ensure secure, reliable networks for your financial institution to minimize risk at every location.