Data Center

Data Center IT teams managing application and network infrastructure have a growing responsibility to deliver services quickly and cost effectively at the same time.

Industrialized scale and effectiveness are achieved when all the facets of the IT lifecycle involving design, deployment and operations are delivered efficiently.

To meet current and future demands, Dice Communications works with the Data Center IT team to transform their network architecture to a Data Center fabric enabled with the following essential characteristics:

  • Automated to ease network infrastructure deployment, allowing IT to focus on service delivery
  • Agile to allow any application service to be efficiently provisioned, transported and differentiated
  • Visible for application mobility and performance
  • Converged fabric allows IT to consolidate assets while improving flexibility and agility
  • Programmable OPEN API's support to enable programmability with no vendor lock-in, with investment protection 


Shortest Path Bridging:

Network Managers are being forced to do more with less. Their networks are growing in size and complexity. They need streamlined solutions to improve the performance and simplicity of their networks, which is why Dice Communications offers Alcatel-Lucent's Shortest Path Bridging (SPB) solution to improve network performance and stability while offering flexibility.

SPB offers many improvements over older bridging and routing technologies, including greater scalability, better bandwidth through improved link utilization, and automation while being compatible with existing technology. SPB implementation in the Alcatel-Lucent OmniSwitch offers compelling advantages compared to other technologies, and can be deployed in many ways to match an enterprise's current and future needs. SPB builds highly optimized, virtualization-ready networks that enable greater flexibility, scalability and performance, while maintaining secured access to distributed resources.