Data Center Switches

Dice Communications provides award-winning, flexible and scalable Data Center Solutions that today’s corporate data center infrastructures need in order to evolve.

Mobility, real-time applications and virtualization have created new demands that yesterday's data center architectures aren't equipped to handle. Users need anytime, anywhere access to rich-media applications from smartphones, tablets and other devices - and they need it now.

Virtual Chassis Pod/Mesh Design and Spine/Leaf Design:

  • One product family supports all elements of Campus to Cloud Networking, including: DC, core and distribution
  • All OS6900 models are interoperable, and can operate in a Virtual Chassis with up to 6 units
  • Converged storage
  • Intelligent Fabric offers SDN benefits without complexity, also supports VXLAN, VTEP and DCI
  • Complete visibility and tracking of usage, trends and KPI, including detailed VM application analytics

End-to-end quality of experience in our Data Center deployments are delivered through our strategy of an Application Fluent Network based upon a resilient architecture with automated controls and streamlined operation where network dynamically adapts to the applications, users and devices. These are based on three specific functions: Resilient Architecture, Automatic Controls, and Streamlined Operations.

Cutting Edge Technology Innovations: Best of Interop in 2011 and 2015

Interop-2015 interop-2011

Network Solutions for the Cloud-enabled Enterprise

OmniSwitch 10K
OmniSwitch 6900
OmniSwitch 6860(E)
OmniSwitch 6850E
  • End-to-end management and visibility
  • Intelligent Fabric speeds deployment, reduces error, simplifies storage, and allows server and application integration and provisioning
  • SDN inside delivers SDN benefits without complexity while providing investment protection
  • Universal network profiles automatically map application needs to network configuration
  • Network analytics gain application-fluent insight into current and future network performance