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Health Risk Assessment

We use the Health Risk Assessment (HRA) framework to provide a quick and cost effective way of evaluating an organization's risk relating to information security and how it pertains to the HIPM Final Rule.

At the same time, we are able to offer a fully customized analysis, with a report written specifically for your organization. We do not rely primarily on automated tools and automatically generated reports like most security audit firms do.

Our process includes five phases

Data Collection

The data collection phase involves a review of existing information and documentation including general environment, existing security policies and procedures, and known vulnerabilities among other things.


The interview phase enables our team to understand how your organization currently deals with various aspects of information security controls and management. Our team will meet with key individuals to ask a variety of security-related questions.


The examination phase assess your organization for technical and nontechnical vulnerabilities, and is the on-site portion of the HRA. Both strengths and weaknesses are evaluated and documented.


The evaluation phase compiles your data and analyzes the results. These results are then compared to HIPM requirements, recommended configurations and security benchmarks.


A formal report is created and delivered to the client containing an overview of the risks identified along with recommendations to address them.

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Health Risk Assessment

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Managed Security Services

The resources necessary for an organization to protect its data are astronomical. I.T. departments today are faced with limited budgets, lack of available talent, and a rapidly evolving threat landscape. One thing is certain: If you don't want to end up as a headline, cybersecurity initiatives must be a priority. Stay under budget and ahead of the hackers by leveraging lnfogressive's experts through our Managed Security Services.

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Managed Malware Services

In case you haven't heard, signature-based endpoint security is essentially useless. Malware andunwanted applications have become increasingly dynamic, resulting in 97% of malware being uniqueto a specific endpoint. lnfogressive's Managed Malware Prevention service utilizes revolutionary technology to provide real time protection against zero-days, and other advanced threats.

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Fortinet Cyber Threat Assessment Program Toolkit

Fortinet’s Cyber Threat Assessment provides prospects with in-depth information about the current state of their network, covering key areas of security threats, productivity and performance.

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Firewalls by Fortinet

Dice Communications helps organizations identify and bridge gaps in security by using better technology risk management (TRM).

! ATTENTION: A new Ransomworm has been identified as PETYA.

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Fortinet Antivirus Firewall: Certified by the ICSA










Fortinet threat management solutions address the critical security needs facing today’s real-time communications systems in business of all sizes. Dice Communications’ Fortinet solutions include service and support to protect your critical communication systems from viruses and other threats. The innovative Fortinet platform ensures your communications environment stays safe and clean. Our Fortinet security solutions include:

Threat Map

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Data Center Firewall

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Next Generation Firewall (NGFW/NGIPS)

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