Managed Malware Services

In case you haven't heard, signature-based endpoint security is essentially useless. Malware and unwanted applications have become increasingly dynamic, resulting in 97% of malware being unique to a specific endpoint. lnfogressive's Managed Malware Prevention service utilizes revolutionary technology to provide real time protection against zero-days, and other advanced threats.

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Managed Malware Services

"Why managed?"

It's a question we hear often, "What are the benefits of going managed vs. just buying the technology?" Thereare quite a few. Bringing new software into an environment always ends up being more complicated thanexpected. lnfogressive has deployed our technology to thousands of endpoints and our expertise ensures that the technology is working quickly and your employees aren't overwhelmed. Our security team receives threat intelligence from sources all over the world, giving you a significant advantage against hackers. We live and breathe malware analysis so you don't have to.

What we do:

  • Facilitate install and configuration
  • Our team is there at every stage
  • Limited internal resources needed
  • Malware and unwanted program remediation
  • Classify alerts, normalize environment
  • Quarantine any malware found, remove unwanted
  • programs and applications
  • Provide immediate ROI
  • Instant results with service running in your environment
  • optimized configuration from the beginning
  • Manage the day to day
  • Saves you from 'alarm fatigue'
  • Provide you with actionable data and reports

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How we do it:


Getting hit with ransomware could have an enormous impact on your business. Detection isn't good enough, you need to actively prevent it in the first place. Let our team partner with yours to ensure that ransomware threats become a thing of the past.


Our security team has analyzed hundreds of millions of files to date, with that number growing rapidly everyday. We are trained to identify indicators of compromise and can assist in further investigation if necessary.


Our Managed Malware Prevention service integrates with the rest of our Managed Security Services, giving you a defense-in-depth security strategy.


The days of your anti-virus product using up all your memory are long gone. Our technology uses significantly less memory and CPU compared to traditional solutions, allowing your users to stay productive while being secure.


As your business grows, so will your number of devices. All it takes is a single weak link for a hacker to get in. We make sure that there are no gaps on your endpoints, whether you're a small business or a global enterprise.