IP Softphone

Enhance voice communications for your remote employees or those using multimedia devices on-site.

ip-softphone-1The IP Softphone is a fully-integrated, multimedia desktop application that allows for easy integration of remote and home workers - improving communication, connectivity and keeping hardware costs under control.

Convergence allows for data, voice & video to be transmitted over a single, IP-based network infrastructure. With industry-leading Voice and Unified Communication applications, customers can build a converged voice, video and data network that replaces or works with existing business telephone equipment.

The IP Softphone application can be Installed on a PC or Mac, tablet or smartphone, and runs on both iOS and Android to emulate an Alcatel-Lucent 8068 Premium DeskPhone. Optimize productivity with this fully-integrated telephony solution, that provides faster and more user-friendly access to telephone facilities.

Create an environment that allows for faster decision making by integrating your IP communications applications into a unified solution that leverages the latest technology.

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IP Softphone Interface
IP Softphone Interface