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Today’s WLAN networks are becoming increasingly complex. Support for critical Enterprise applications and converged communication applications have created unparalleled expectations for WLAN availability and performance levels.  As more and more devices are connecting to wireless networks, organizations are facing increased pressure to ensure the availability and performance of the network is enterprise grade. Many WLAN infrastructures that were built for “best effort” connectivity are significantly underperforming or failing completely with the increased number of end user devices. Overtime, it’s important to reassess your current WLAN infrastructure capacity and scalability.

  •   Are not designed to support real‐time applications such as IP telephony or videoconferencing
  •   Require higher than average operational costs because they are difficult to troubleshoot, maintain and operate
  •   Are not designed based on industry best practices for availability and performance
  •   Are degraded by external influences such as interference and environmental changes that did not exist at the time of the original implementation
  •   Are poorly documented, with locations of components often not entirely known
  •   Have outdated hardware and software platforms that are no longer supported by the manufacturer

A wireless network is the lifeline to the core business applications your users rely on - and downtime is not an option.

Dice Communications integrated wireless solutions are manageable, scalable and provide integral security. Wireless LAN (WLAN) and instant access points (I/AP) support the latest high-speed (IEEE 802.1n) access for small, medium and large networks, as well as offering unique remote worker features.

Increase your competitive advantage through the freedom and flexibility of a wireless network that provides real-time access to information, boosts productivity, and promotes collaboration.

 Aruba Access Points and Controllers


Securely connect to information and applications in your distributed enterprise network. Aruba's products help organizations from across the globe and all industries meet their campus wireless LAN, branch office, remote networking, and network management needs.

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ClearPass Policy Management System


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Policy Management system for granular security

  • Integrates with OmniVista 2500
  • Allows guest access with advertisement
  • Purpose built appliance and virtual environment versions

 Alcatel-Lucent OmniAccess Wireless AP's

Wan-Access-AL-Wireless-1 Wan-Access-AL-Wireless-2

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Dependent Access Points

  • OmniAccess AP90 Series
  • OmniAccess AP93H
  • OmniAccess AP100 Series
  • OmniAccess AP103 Series
  • OmniAccess AP103H
  • OmniAccess AP110 Series
  • OmniAccess AP130 Series
  • OmniAccess AP170 Series
  • OmniAccess AP200 Series
  • OmniAccess AP205H Series
  • OmniAccess AP210 Series
  • OmniAccess AP220 Series
  • OmniAccess AP228 Series
  • OmniAccess AP270 Series

Instant Access Points

  • OmniAccess IAP90 Series
  • OmniAccess IAP100 Series
  • OmniAccess IAP103 Series
  • OmniAccess IAP110 Series
  • OmniAccess IAP130 Series
  • OmniAccess IAP200 Series
  • OmniAccess IAP205H Series
  • OmniAccess IAP210 Series
  • OmniAccess IAP220 Series
  • OmniAccess IAP228 Series
  • OmniAccess IAP270 Series

Remote Access Points

  • OmniAccess RAP 108/109
  • OmniAccess RAP 155
  • OmniAccess RAP3WN/RAP3WNP

What is included in your Assessment:

PERFORMANCE TESTING:  Utilizing specialized toolsets, Dice Communications can benchmark the performance and environment of an existing WLAN for a number of metrics including signal strength, noise level, signal to noise ratio, channel interference, predictive PHY downlink data rate and overlap in order to provide detailed analysis of the actual performance of the WLAN and its environment. Armed with the knowledge of areas with problem coverage and capacity or excessive noise levels and expert recommendations for corrective actions, enterprises can remediate WLAN deficiencies.

SECURITY ASSESSMENTS:  The rapid deployment of wireless networks has resulted in unprecedented exposure for organizations’ systems and networks. Dice Communications’ wireless security assessment service analyzes current wireless configurations, identifies vulnerabilities, provides recommendations and assists in vulnerability remediation. The wireless security assessment provides organizational value by determining the current state of implementation, the sanctioned wireless assets, configuration standards and actual wireless vulnerabilities. We can make sure the organization’s wireless security exceeds industry best practices and regulatory compliance initiatives.

CONFIGURATION REVIEW:  Quite often, WLAN configuration changes have been made to satisfy a pressing problem that no longer exists and may adversely affect the current performance of the network. Dice Communications will review the WLAN configuration to ensure that there are no gaps with current best practices and identify configuration parameters that do not reflect the current usage, as configuration parameters such as unused SSIDs, older security schemes and low data rates typically found in a WLAN that has evolved over time, which can cause network inefficiencies.

INFRASTRUCTURE ANALYSIS: The evolution of the WLAN often results in there being little documentation or knowledge of key WLAN information such as the location, model numbers or identity network components, operating system software levels and lifecycle status of network elements, leading to performance shortfalls, in‐ efficiencies and the inability to properly plan for necessary upgrades. With an infrastructure analysis, enterprises gain a true understanding of their WLAN inventory, and can plan for the replacement of components before they reach end‐of‐ support status.