Dice communications offers Application as a Service (AaaS) offerings to all businesses, large or small.

AaaS offerings optimize business processes, increase threat protection for your data, and ensure your application is always available (no downtime!).

With AaaS, IT departments and business leaders can apply automation and analytics to their technologies to:

  • drive greater efficiencies and productivity
  • unlock actionable insights for faster innovation
  • deliver business outcomes, such as increased revenue and reduced costs

Dice Communications OpenTouch® Personal Cloud is now the "connective tissue" of the digital business, providing enterprises with the agility to accelerate innovation by enabling them to plug into core business services and scale those services up and down quickly and on demand.

Our AaaS delivers adaptive threat protection that is embedded into the fabric of the application, ensuring that your information, contacts, and files are protected at all times. Dice's AaaS is the easiest to use on the market, offering less clicks to navigate, more feature rich applications than the competition, and constant improvements and add-ons.

The OpenTouch® Personal Cloud solution is a suite of business communications and collaboration applications delivered as a service (AaaS) for individuals, teams or departments of any size enterprise. Delivered from the cloud, these single-purpose applications can be combined and deployed as an overlay to any kind of communication and network solution. No need to 'rip and replace' existing technology – OpenTouch® Personal Cloud applications are easy to roll out with no disruption to existing services. The service model is consumption-based with flexible pay-per-user monthly licensing, so there is no up-front investment required and users pay as they go.


OpenTouch® Conference hosted by Dice Communications gives you cloud-based access for simpler, more effective conference calls.

OpenTouch® conference calls are simple to set up, join and control. An audio conferencing and screen sharing service system provides powerful features and user-friendly design. Dice Communications' Hosted OpenTouch® Conference package is ideal for improving multi-site communication – while eliminating the frustrations of traditional conference calls.

OpenTouch® Conference Features:

  • Attendees can be invited to join on the fly, with access from any browser, Microsoft Outlook, or your smartphone or tablet.
  • Guests click to join, and OpenTouch® Conference simply calls them in.
  • You receive alerts when each guest arrives, and can monitor the list of attendees throughout the entire call.
  • The conference call screen helps you stay on track and control the meeting by displaying what’s being shared, and who is talking or leaving the call.
  • Other features help you share screens instantly, mute participants, add new ones and call them in, record the conference, and much more.

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OpenTouch® TeamShare hosted by Dice Communications simplifies project management and shared workflow.

OpenTouch® TeamShare makes collaboration possible. All of your OpenTouch® TeamShare data, files and communications are stored on the cloud and accessible from anywhere – from any computer, smartphone or tablet.
Security features password-protect your shared workspaces, and allow you to decide who has access to certain information. You can easily set administrative levels, so even clients can see shared files – but only what you choose to share with them. 

OpenTouch® TeamShare Features:

  • Notifications, chats, and project task boards help projects advance and keep everyone on the same page.  
  • TeamShare members can easily check each other’s availability, send invitations for a meeting, or engage directly in a chat.
  • Files can be added or moved with a simple drag and drop, or using tools such as Google™, Evernote® or Dropbox™.  
  • Automatic updates and backup protect your data.
  • Time tracking allows you to manage progress and allocate time spent on a task, and can be also exported for invoicing purposes.

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