Proven Process


The assessment of your systems and the design of your technology plan


Project implementation, visibility, and review


Installation and full system training: You'll love your technology!


Comprehensive installation report and overview


System maintenance, formal onboarding, and value creation


The highest level of client services and technical support


Proven Process Developed In-house

What makes Dice Communications different than the competition? Our 6 step process that ensures the highest level of quality of installation for a new customer to Dice

Assemble: Assessment and Design

Site Survey

Needs Analysis
Present Proposal
Project Planning

We use the Health Risk Assessment (HRA) framework to provide a quick and cost effective way of evaluating an organization's risk relating to information security and how it pertains to the HIPM Final Rule.

At the same time, we are able to offer a fully customized analysis, with a report written specifically for your organization. We do not rely primarily on automated tools and automatically generated reports like most security audit firms do.

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Ignite: Project Implementation

Project Review
Dice Portal
Real Time Updates

Task Execution
Visibility into Next Steps
Review SOW

Launch: Installation and Training

Love your Technology
Training is our purpose
Administrator Training

End User Training
Certified Installation

Broadcast: Installation Report

Network Diagrams
Overview of Systems
Database and Database Passwords

Traning Documentation
Information Visibility

Enhance: Dice Maintentance

Formal Onboarding
Preventative Maintenance
System Backups
Daily Review of Alarms

Monthly Calls for Review
Annual Audit of Contract
(includes recommendations and commmon symptoms)

Deliver: Client Services

Highest Level of Service
Dice Portal
(request service, see live status updates, review quotes, see invoices, see total detail of account)

Highest Trained Engineering in the Country
Engineering Call Center
(speak to an engineer on the spot)