3 Reasons a Virtual CIO is critical to business & organizational success

virtual CIO putting a pin on the roadmap

Technology is at the core of any business. Whether your organization is large or small, if you use technology to communicate, connect, or transact, you likely have employees who are dedicated to its operation and upkeep.

Who is thinking about the company’s technology goals? Creating a short-term and long-term roadmap? That person is your CIO.

Just as you have employees dedicated to maintaining and operating your organization’s technology infrastructure, you need a CIO to provide governance and oversight. For organizations who are growing, or are in between CIOs, a Virtual CIO is an executive technology expert who can offer his or her services on a flexible, consultative basis.

If you think your organization is too small or too young to need this role, think again. Here are three reasons a Virtual CIO is critical to your business.

Virtual CIOs Can Offer a Health Check

A vCIO can assess the state of your business against tech industry benchmarks. They can identify gaps in your security, technology, and tools.

Virtual CIOs Can Build a Strategic Plan

Virtual CIOs hone in on your company’s technology goals and formulate a roadmap to achieve them in the most cost-efficient way. Depending upon your business needs, the vCIO can also provide a level of oversight to the implementation of these plans, or they can even participate in the implementation itself.

Virtual CIOs Can Explore Feasibility of a Strategic Direction

In some instances, business leaders have an idea but are uncertain about its viability. Virtual CIOs can translate strategy into its corresponding technological components and provide an educated point of view on whether the path forward is realistic or risky.

Any Questions?

If you have questions about the role of a Virtual CIO or wonder how a vCIO might work for your organization, contact Dice Communications to set up a time to discuss.