Press Release

Dice Communications is Approved as a Sharp USA Reseller in New York State




Contact Information:

Dice Communications

Fred Zappolo

(631) 704-4499

The partnership gives K-12 schools, higher education, government agencies, and anyone who procures Sharp USA equipment access to sales, installation, and ongoing support directly with Dice Communications via NYS OGS.

[NEW YORK STATE, June 2022] — Dice Communications has been added as a reseller to the New York State Office of General Services (OGS) Contract PC67454 under Group #22844 – Audio Visual Equipment and Accessories. This approval allows Dice Communications to offer additional support through its partnerships with innovative technology companies like Sharp USA.

Corporations, government agencies, K-12 schools, colleges, and universities across the country rely on Sharp USA’s interactive flat panel displays to make collaboration more engaging. Its technology not only elevates the learning experience in schools, but makes it easier to collaborate and share information in OEMs, hospitals, and meeting rooms, too.

However, these technologies require the right specifications and support to work properly. That’s why Dice Communications, an NYS-approved WMBE, installs—and if needed, maintains—Sharp products for customers in New York. 

Through this partnership, Dice Communications is a one-stop-shop for organizations, providing better customer service and value. It’s a promising step toward a future where smart, interactive technology helps us share ideas in a faster and more collaborative environment.

About Dice Communications: Dice Communications is an IT and telecommunications company that keeps schools, agencies, hospitals, and other organizations safe and efficient through the power of technology. Dice Communications is an NYS-approved WMBE. Dice Communications is also certified in three of the largest state contracts in the country: OGS (New York), DIR (Texas), and MHEC (12 states within the upper Midwest).


For more information, please contact Fred Zappolo at (631) 704-4499.