Press Release

Dice Communications is Now Approved as an NYS OGS Reseller


Contact Information:

Dice Communications

Fred Zappolo

(631) 704-4499


The partnership gives government entities (in New York State), public K-12 schools and universities more complete and streamlined cybersecurity options, during an uptick in cyber threats.

[NEW YORK STATE, June 2022] — Dice Communications is now operating with New York State Office of General Services (OGS) Contract #PM68095. 

For years, Dice Communications has been designing, installing, and supporting Fortinet Solutions across the U.S. This NYS OGS approved reseller now gives public entities in New York State the ability to work with a proven and trusted Fortinet partner like Dice.

Fortinet has best-in-class offerings for firewall solutions, while Dice brings recommendations, installation, and maintenance to Fortinet clients in the New York area. Together, the duo creates a complete cybersecurity net that protects vulnerable organizations, like public schools, from a growing number of cyber threats. 

Under the new OGS contract, Dice Communications is able to sell Fortinet goods to public K-12 schools, public higher education, and state and local entities. As a certified woman-owned business, Dice is a trusted local provider with proven cybersecurity engineering expertise. 

Its track record of quality customer service allows Dice to continue to do what it does best – maintain the cybersecurity solutions that protect the institutions New York families rely on.

About Dice Communications: Dice Communications is an IT and telecommunications company that keeps schools, agencies, hospitals, and other organizations safe and efficient through the power of technology. Dice Communications is an NYS-approved WMBE. Dice Communications is also certified in three of the largest state contracts in the country: OGS (New York), DIR (Texas), and MHEC (12 states within the upper Midwest).


For more information, please contact Fred Zappolo at (631) 704-4499.