We’re moving! Dice Communications is headed to 3000 Farnam

women working at the office

Technology solutions provider Dice Communications is excited to announce that as of December 1, 2021, the company is moving to a new location in the historic 3000 Farnam building, directly east of Midtown Crossing.

The 3000 Farnam building, formerly known as Twin Towers, was built in 1919 and was the home of Hannan, Van Brunt, and Odell Ford/Lincoln, also known as Western Motor Car Company. The beautiful building’s unique high-capacity elevators (located in the “twin towers”) were large enough to transport vehicles to be displayed on upper floors. Western Motor Car Company moved out a few years later, and Sears and Robuck moved in, occupying the space for 35 years before relocating to Crossroads Mall in 1960.

Since then, the building has undergone numerous renovations, including the removal of one of its signature towers and the reorganization into condo living spaces. Other upgrades include new elevators, updated cooling and ventilation systems, and an interior redesign that returns the building to the mid-century style of its heyday in the 1960s.

Dice Communications is looking forward to moving into this historic piece of the Omaha skyline in December. Operating from the heart of the city will enable the company to serve its customers even better, offering best-in-class technology solutions for voice, data, wireless LAN, and carrier-grade communications to a wide range of businesses and institutions.

“We are thrilled to be moving to a more centralized location in Omaha and into a building that better represents our personality as a company with its modern technology feel,” said Tina Dice, President of Dice Communications.

CEO Zach Dice agreed, adding: “This new location offers us a unique opportunity to meet more of our customers where they are, with plenty of room to grow along with our business.”

Dice expects to open the new location in 3000 Farnam on December 1. Until then, watch this space and our social media for updates.